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Easy way to organize paid access to your closed Telegram channels/groups in automatic mode

Meet Telejoin

The service translates the monetization of your resource on autopilot in 5 minutes after connecting. Do some really important things to grow your business, and we will just bring you money!

Easy setup

Add a bot to your channel/group and connect Qiwi wallet

Web page

After setting, you will automatically receive a landing page for your resource

Flexible configuration

Select the desired plan for your subscribers and price

Get paid

Find your target audience and distribute the link to your resource. From this page, the subscriber can subscribe

Full automation
High security
Fixed rate
Control panel
Fast support

The bot works for you 24/7

When a user pays a subscription to your resource, the bot automatically sends an invitation link to the user.

When the user does not renew the subscription, the bot automatically throws the user out of the resource.

Your resource is under strong protection

The bot sends an invitation link in such a way that the user cannot share it with anyone.

The link will only work for someone who paid a subscription, copy and send the link to someone else can not.

Honest cooperation

We do not take a percentage of the payment of your subscribers. And no monthly rates!

Pay only for those users who are connected to you.

Admin panel

Telejoin has an informative control panel.

How many followers do you have? And how much money did you earn? And how much is planned to earn, if your resource has a monthly tariff plan?

We are always in touch

We solve any of your problems or your subscribers with the speed of light.


I have a private channel with expensive courses. More than 1000 people. And pay a subscription once a month. Handles it is impossible to serve it, and the service removed all the problems.

Good service, copes with its task with a bang. Well done guys, I have been using their service for a year now

I love sport bets. I Made a premium channel Telegram with monetization from Teledzhoin. Satisfied.


Just move the slider
Price per connection RUB
Total RUB
Get 15 connections for free
One connection allows you to accept payment and invite one user to a private resource. Payment for user is available by bank card or Qiwi wallet.
We do not take a percentage of the payment of your subscribers. Money goes straight to your Qiwi wallet.
If your resource has a tariff plan with a monthly payment, then each user payment also costs one connection.
If you buy more than 500 connections one time, the price will be adjusted to 7 RUB


How is the process of inviting users to a private channel/group?

On the landing page there will be information with a tariff and a button — to connect. When you click on the button, the user will get into our invitation bot. The bot will ask you to pay a subscription and give a link to the Qiwi payment form. After payment we will invite the user to your resource.

What types of tariffs are there for subscribers?

You can set the price of entry from 10 to 10,000 rubles. You can also set a tariff plan: one-time payment, once a month, once a year.

How long does the connection process take?

On average - 10 minutes. You need to configure Qiwi wallet and add our bot to your resource.

Are there any hidden surcharges that are usually silent about?

We do not charge a percentage of your payments, the subscription money immediately goes into your wallet. We also have no monthly charges for our services. Everything is very honest - buy as many connections as you need. If you understand that you can sell a subscription to 100 subscribers, then you can buy 100 connections, and if you don’t have enough, you can buy it.

How safe is your bot inviting to a private resource?

We do not give the user an invitation link to your resource after payment. We send him a button-connection. What link is hidden behind this button - do not know, and also can not be sent to someone, so yes, it is pretty safe.

Ready to try? Get 15 free connections! Always ready!